Life & Thyme Issue Five

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Issue Five of Life & Thyme is an exploration of Nostalgia. The idea not just of memory, but of longing–for a time, a place, a plate–and the faces in the food world who are revisiting those familiar feelings, and creating new ones. We aimed to capture the power of that yearning, and in doing so we discovered all different kinds of nostalgia. There’s the playful kind—piles of pancakes at a neighborhood diner, a kaleidoscope of breakfast cereal boxes. There’s emotional nostalgia—a hot cup of coffee as a link to a loved one passed, an immigrant’s only connection to a land long since departed, a city motivated by longing to recapture a once-great past. And the romantic kind—to resuscitate a forgotten craft, or to carry out the vision a spouse once dreamed for his city during his living years.

Features: Gramercy Tavern / Wolfgang Puck / Fany Gerson / Statebird Provisions / Noma / Grain & Knot / McConnell’s Ice Cream / Detroit Soup / City Guide to Athens, Georgia / Grand Central Market / NYC’s Colonie / Diners From Around the U.S. / And More

Cities Featured: Los Angeles / New York / San Francisco / Santa Barbara / Athens / Copenhagen / London / Detroit / And more

Print specs: 120 pages / 7.5” x 9.5” / offset printed on uncoated paper

Release date: March 1, 2016