Life & Thyme Issue Two

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Issue Two of Life & Thyme is all about foundation: from culinary legends that have built a foundation of knowledge within the culinary world, to small businesses who are in the early stages of laying the groundwork for success, to people thinking about a better future by establishing sustainable steps today. While talent may be a common thread among our subjects, their dedication, sweat equity, work ethic, and their constant drive to improve the world around them is celebrated in Issue Two. Finally, we conclude with a collection of foundational recipes and techniques to explore in the kitchen—like the classic French Bouillabaisse and the art of pasta fatta a mano.

Features: La Marzocco / Curtis Stone / San Sebastian / Blackberry Farm / Chef Ari Taymor & Ashleigh Parsons of Alma / Matt Orlando / Gelateria Uli / Take Root / Small Brewpub / Portrait Series including Leah Chase, Joachim Splichal, and more

Interviews: Renee Erickson / Bill Chait / Saison / Peter Giuliano

Recipes: Bouillabaisse / Maccarones de Busa / Poached Eggs / Crudo / Salted Caramel Sauce

Print specs: 96 pages / ad-free / 7.5” x 9.5” / offset printed on uncoated paper